Portrait David Altrath
Photo: Frank P. Wartenberg


Hamburg-based photographer, David Altrath, focusses on architecture and landscape photography. His work has featured in a variety of magazines and websites, as well as both corporate and communal projects. David graduated from Merz Academy (Merz Akademie, Hochschule für Gestaltung, Kunst und Medien) in Stuttgart in 2018, since then he has been working on various commissions and numerous projects. Born in 1995 in the Ruhr District, David, also currently works as a Picture Editor.

David has a passion for clarity and precision. His aim is to capture the atmosphere of his subjects in the most natural way and thus creating an almost stage-like narrative in his photography. His pure and clear view for perspective, light and the depth of the space, combined with brilliant craftsmanship, is what makes his work outstanding and special.


His clients include Agentur Achtung!, Denkmalbehörde Hamburg, DSK-BIG, GEOlino, Google, Hinz&Kunzt, Justizbehörde Baden-Württemberg, printworksSchüßler-Plan GmbHstern magazine, De Tijd and many more.



„Regelbau“ at Cheezze e.V. Paderborn.

2018 – now

„Landgericht“ at the Landgericht Stuttgart.


„Operation Iron Mask“ at the event „Stuttgart Nacht 2018“

„Operation Iron Mask“ at the „Merz Akademie“

„Landgericht“ at the Oberlandesgericht Stuttgart.


„Fake Fruits“ at the event „FOTOSOMMER Herbsttage 2017“.

„Fake Fruits“ at the „Werkstatthaus Stuttgart“.

„Landgericht“ at the Landgericht Stuttgart.

„JVA“ at the event „Stuttgart Nacht 2017“.


„Landgericht“ at the Rathaus Stuttgart.

​​​​​​​„Landgericht“ at the Artroom „Lotte“ in Stuttgart.


David Altrath

Dennerstraße 1
22307 Hamburg

Phone: +49 (0) 176 43992357
E-mail: contact(at)

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