Autumn Vibes


Unveiling of the new FW 2023 collection: Candid Moments on 35mm Kodak Motion Picture Film. Behind-the-scenes footage for footwear brand TT.BAGATT in the studio in Hamburg, Germany.


AD: Ruben Scupin | loved
DOP: Lucas Hofer
1.AC: Fabian Geister

Gaffer: Jacob Zimmermann
Styling: Mira Uszkureit
Hair & Make-Up: Spiri Fountoglou
Production: 70seven
Talents: Angelika | Divanita



Shot on film

Kodak Vision 3 250D
ECN-2 Processing

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Modefotografie Hamburg, Germany

David Altrath is architecture photographer and fashion photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.

Lifestyle photographer and artist working in Hamburg

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David Altrath, a talented photographer based in Hamburg, is particularly experienced in architecture and landscape photography. His work has gained broad recognition, encompassing magazines, websites, as well as projects for companies and municipalities. After graduating from the renowned Merz Akademie in Stuttgart in 2018, David embarked on a fulfilling career with diverse assignments and numerous projects. Born in 1995 in the Ruhr area, he is not only a photographer but also a producer and image editor. His photographs reflect his strong passion for clarity and precision, capturing the essence and atmosphere of his subjects in the most natural way possible. With a keen eye for perspective, light, and spatial depth, David weaves a stage-like narrative, giving his work a pure and clear perspective. His remarkable craftsmanship elevates his photographs to an outstanding level, creating a visual experience that is truly extraordinary.

Hamburg Interieur Photo Producer und Berlin Architekturfotografie Production Service.

Architekturfotografie Hamburg:

David Altrath ist ein professioneller Architekturfotograf in Hamburg, Deutschland
Still life und Architektur, Real Estate und Interieur Fotoproduktion Hamburg. Produktion eines Fotomotivs Fotomotiv, Produktion Fotoshooting Fotoshootings.

David Altrath is a talented fashion photographer who specializes in capturing the essence of style and elegance. With his camera, he expertly frames and immortalizes the world of fashion, creating captivating images that showcase the beauty of garments, models, and the overall aesthetic. David’s keen eye for detail and ability to capture the perfect moment allows him to highlight the unique features and craftsmanship of each fashion piece. His photographs not only showcase the designs but also evoke emotions and tell a story, drawing viewers into the world of fashion. Working closely with designers and creative teams, David documents the creative process of fashion masterpieces. From the initial sketches and fabric selections to the final runway show, he captures the evolution and excitement of bringing a collection to life. Through his lens, he brings the designer’s vision to fruition and allows viewers to experience the creativity and innovation behind each garment. David’s understanding of light, composition, and perspective enables him to create visually stunning images that showcase the artistry of fashion. He skillfully plays with angles, lighting, and styling to accentuate the beauty and allure of the models and garments. His photographs not only capture the aesthetics but also convey the mood, atmosphere, and personality of the fashion world. Collaborating closely with fashion designers and brands, David brings his unique artistic interpretation to their creative vision. He combines his technical expertise with his artistic flair, producing photographs that beautifully showcase the unique characteristics and style of each designer. David Altrath’s passion for fashion photography is evident in every image he captures. His dedication to preserving and showcasing the artistry and craftsmanship of the fashion industry is reflected in his work. Through his photographs, he leaves a lasting impression, capturing the essence of fashion and contributing to its legacy for generations to come. .
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Bagatt Shoe Campaign FW2023
Bagatt Shoe Campaign FW2023
Bagatt Shoe Campaign FW2023
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Bagatt Shoe Campaign FW2023
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Bagatt Shoe Campaign FW2023
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