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Farm vibes: Candid moments on 35mm Kodak film. Behind-the-scenes photography for an outdoor fashion editorial for Cosmpolitan Magazine Germany on a heritage farm near Kiel, Germany.


Styling: Nicole Gebhardt
Hair & Make-Up: Maja Botic
Talent: Mayara Moreno 

Production: me

Shot on film

Kodak Portra 400

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Modefotograf Germany

David Altrath is a fashion photographer based in Hamburg, Germany.


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vid Altrath, a Hamburg-based photographer, has mastered both architecture and fashion photography. His lens freezes the ever-changing fashion world, capturing the essence of style and elegance. With a keen eye, he brings out the unique features of models and creates narratives that transport viewers into the enchanting realm of fashion. He works closely with designers, meticulously documenting the creative process from sketches to runway shows. His deep understanding of light, composition, and perspective allows him to create visually stunning images that showcase the true artistry of fashion. Through close collaborations, he infuses his artistic interpretation into each designer’s vision. David’s passion for fashion photography shines through in every image, preserving the industry’s artistry and leaving a lasting impression.

Hamburg Interieur Photo Producer und Berlin Production Service.

Modefotografie Hamburg:

After graduating from the Merz Akademie, David Altrath moved to Hamburg, Germany, where he began his professional photography career. He quickly established himself as a sought-after photographer, and his work has been featured in a variety of publications, websites, and corporate projects. David Altrath is known for his mastery of a wide range of photographic genres, including fashion, architecture, and landscape photography. He has a keen eye for detail and a deep understanding of light and composition. His photographs are often characterized by their clarity, precision, and artistry.

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Modefotografie Model umringt von Ziegen auf einer Farm
Model mit Huhn auf dem Arm Modefotografie Hamburg
Mode Fotorgrafie Bauernhof Cosmopolitan
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Mode Editorial Cosmpolitan Deutschland
Fashion Photography Hamburg
Modefotografie Cosmpolitan
Model posing in front of a red farm house