This series leads through various prisons in southern Germany and documents the absence of privacy inside the institutions. Over the span of several months I have portrayed the most diverse jails and brought them together in this series. The title „JVA“ is the German abbreviation for the term “Justizvollzugsanstalt”. In Germany this term is used to describe a prison authority whose task it is to carry out sentences of imprisonment or youth custody. The prisons of Freiburg, Heilbronn, Offenburg and Rottenburg are represented. 


Baden-Württemberg, Germany

Security Gate, JVA Offenburg
Building 51, JVA Offenburg
Prison cell, JVA Offenburg
Church, JVA Offenburg
Solitary confinement cell, JVA Offenburg
Barcode Building, JVA Offenburg
JVA Freiburg
JVA Freiburg
Cell wing, JVA Freiburg
Security cells, JVA Freiburg
Solitary confinement cells, JVA Freiburg
Security custody, JVA Freiburg
JVA Heilbronn
JVA Heilbronn
Psychological wing, JVA Heilbronn
Cell, JVA Heilbronn
Cell wing, JVA Heilbronn
Individual cell, JVA Heilbronn
Sports hall, JVA Heilbronn
JVA Rottenburg
Security gate, JVA Rottenburg
JVA Rottenburg
Cell Section, JVA Rottenburg
Solitary confinement, JVA Rottenburg
Church, JVA Rottenburg
Gate, JVA Rottenburg