WRS Architekten


The location of the ‚Frohbotschaftskirche‘ had already been chosen in 1903 and by leading the roads around a big square, senior building director Fritz Schumacher planned on accentuating the future church. A few years after this planning process, 1935-1937, the ‚Frohbotschaftskirche‘ has been built. During WWII the church had been destroyed in the bombing of Hamburg and quickly rebuilt in 1953. From 2012-2019 the church, again underwent construction work. The church was due to become the new home of a kindergarten. The WRS Architects decided to follow a house-in-house concept and inserted two new cubes into the church nave and thus creating a beautiful, captivating atmosphere. The golden felt coating of the cubes enhances the unexampled, warm and soft effect which is complemented by clear white walls and big airy windows, creating the special vibe of the church.


Hamburg, Germany

Commissioned Work
Straßburger Platz, Frohbotschaftskirche
Streetview, Frohbotschaftskirche
Entrance, Frohbotschaftskirche
Wall, Frohbotschaftskirche
Arch, Frohbotschaftskirche
Church Nave, Frohbotschaftskirche
Felt Coating, Frohbotschaftskirche
Windows, Frohbotschaftskirche
Altar, Frohbotschaftskirche
Navigation System, Frohbotschaftskirche
Door, Frohbotschaftskirche
Felt Wall, Frohbotschaftskirche
Entrance Hall, Frohbotschaftskirche
Nighttime Photography, Frohbotschaftskirche